Darold J. Pinnock
I spend my days having memorable conversations on my podcast, Passion Behind The Art Show, and creating strategic design solutions at M&R MarketingRock Springs Church and various other companies.
I’m passionate about creating design solutions that make people’s first experience with a product or brand become a lasting one. I spent over 15 years building brands through design.
My current creative focus is creating digital assets and resources.
I was born in Jamaica, grew up in New York, and am now based 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Everything I do is for my greatest assets, my wife and kids. I enjoy great movies, music, podcasting and I'm an avid sports fan.
NOTABLE Clients I've worked with
Ollie - Calligraphy Workshop - 2021
Montgomery College - Calligraphy Workshop - 2020
Design Revival - Speaker/Workshop - 2019
Creative South - Live Podcasting - 2018 & 2019